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£10 Donation = 1 Tree planted

We’re losing trees every day in the UK and across the planet, we need trees because they:

  1. Absorb harmful CO2 gases and regulate our climates
  2. Make our air cleaner by absorbing harmful pollutants in the atmoshpere
  3. Look INCREDIBLE and brighten up our towns and cities
  4. Have been proven to make us happy
  5. Protect and promote biodiversity
  6. Help to improve soils and prevent flooding and erosion.
  7. Provide free shade, reducing energy costs for air conditioning

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The perfect gift for just £10

Give the magical gift of having a tree planted in the recipient’s name for just £10.

We will send the recipient a certificate by email confirming a tree will be planted for them, along with a digital booklet who we are and the work we do. Once planted we will inform them where their tree was planted with a photograph of the site.

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We can plant a tree for every £10 you raise and provide you with a resource back to help you reach your goal.We can even support you on our social media!

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Tree planting is a fun, social day out while doing something positive for your community and the planet.

If you would like to get involved in tree planting, please complete the form below:

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